„Nemes Tihamér” Computer Science Competition

The Hungarian Technical Scientific Society of Transylvania, together with the Hungary-based John von Neumann Computer Society organizes every year the “Nemes Tihamér” Computer Science Competition for children completing their primary education. Students can participate in three categories: grades V-VIII (first category), grades IX-X (second category) and grades XI-XII (third category). The competition has three levels: local and regional levels, and the best 12-15 students from Romania are entitled to participate at the final level of this competition, organized in Budapest, Hungary.

Organizing committee:
Dr. SEBESTYÉN-PÁL György, president of the Computer Science Department at The Hungarian Technical Scientific Society of Transylvania, associate professor at the Technical University of Cluj
Dr. KOVÁCS Lehel István, president of the Regional Competition Committee, adjunct at Sapientia University, Targu Mures
Mr. PĂTCAŞ Csaba, doctoral student at the Babeş-Bolyai University, Mathematics and Computer Science Department